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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The Constantly Tipping Booster Seat!

After driving for as little as 30 minutes there he goes again! Little Man is bending over, leaning over and who know what else. How safe can this be? Well not safe at all! So I thought I would try those annoying "H" shaped buckles that come with infant seats to keep his belt tight. Well annoying is an understatement! So after a couple times using that we just stuck to the regular seat belt but having to constantly tell him to sit up, put your back and head on your seat, etc etc this was needing to change! Enter Seat Snug! This device clips into your factory seat belt and ensures the belt stays snug without restricting the shoulder strap! No more bending over and leaning over! Thank you Seat Snug for such a great kid safety product!


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