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Monday, November 3, 2008


Stockings for Soliders

I am trying to get some help this holiday season. I am going to make some stocking and need help filling them and mailing them to a unit in Iraq (we have friends over there so I am sending directly to him and he will distribute). So if you are interested in helping out or know anyone who is please email me at peila[at]harbornet[dot]com.
Items SUGGESTED for the Stockings should be, but not limited to the below list.
If you want to put something special in yours feel free to do so. Remember all items MUST BE NEW!
Personal hygiene items such as
tooth brushes
tooth paste
combs (black only)
shaving cream
after shave
nail clippers
breath mints
candy of all kinds
paper to write letters
personal coffee mug
Christmas card signed by your family
(your address is welcome in these cards in case someone wants to thank you)
Phone cards
disposable cameras
batteries (AA most needed)
hand held electronic games
music CD's
IPOD gift cards
Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested and how many stockings you would like to fill (partial fillers okay too!) so I know how many to make. These will be mailed out on December 1st to ensure they arrive in time.


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