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Friday, November 7, 2008


Week 20

Well we are 5 days away from finding out if we are having a little boy or girl. VERY EXCITING! We are hoping for a little girl, but a healthy baby will be just fine boy or girl. I will post the results on Wednesday night unless I have your cell phone number then you will get a text message right after the ultrasound. Pregnancy is treating me pretty good. The only real problem I am having is Sciatica. With Little Man it was like 8th or 9th month I felt it. But right now I can barley walk by the end of the day and am worried about my leg giving out from under me. Other than that baby is swimming and kicking everyday. Hubby and Little Man have gotten to feel it too! Baby is about 10-10.5 inches and about 11-12 ounces now. So every day is a wonderful experience! More belly pictures to come soon too.
For the last week I have been stuck at home with bronchitis. Not fun! No voice and feeling like poop. I have been on antibiotics so we will see how this goes!


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hi tanya! i got excited too, lol. i hope you're feeling a lot better now. getting sick while pregnant is really not a good experience.

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have a wonderful weekend :)