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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Prenatal Education System

So while browsing through the new Pregnancy magazine I saw this great ad for a Prenatal Education System, learning while in womb. Yes you heard me right. So I started doing some research on the subject and the product BabyPlus.

Now when you first Google Prenatal Education you get childbirth classes and such. But when you look deeper there are tons of articles and studies done about what babies can hear and learn while in your womb.
BabyPlus delivers rhythmic sounds that resemble mommy's heartbeat. They recommend you don't start using it until 18 weeks gestation. That is when your baby is almost completely done producing all of its brain cells! (WOW! My baby has all its brain cells already.)
Now they recommend using this system twice a day for an hour (no you don't have to keep track of the time it turns off automatically for you!). They have a calculation to let you know how many days to use their 16 lessons depending on how many weeks in your pregnancy you have left. They say some babies will sleep through the lessons, while others (like my little bean) will be active (or VERY active in my case!). You can download a "lesson plan" or calendar from their website to help you keep track of how many days each lesson should be played. Since I am 20 weeks along we are going to play each lesson twice a day for 8 days each lesson.
So I am sure you are asking by now WHAT DOES THIS DO for your unborn baby?
"BabyPlus is based on more than 25 years of scientific research."
Babies are born more alert and relaxed.
Babies self sooth much more easily.
Babies nurse better.
Babies reach milestones earlier in life.
Later in life are more school ready.
So everyday I put my little pouch around my waist and push the start button. I try to sit a relax but sometimes do the dishes or things around the house. I have heard that they sleep through the night early on too! That would be great seeing as Little Man did not sleep through the night until he was 1 year old!
More to come...


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Wow! That's sounds so interesting! Before I was pregnant, a few friends were using it but I wasn't sure what it was. Now I know why their kids are pretty neat. I'm going to borrow it as soon as I'm far enough along. Keep us posted!