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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Cloth diapers make the BEST burp rags!

And having a very "urpy" baby I know! And what is even better is a CUTE cloth diaper! Jannuzzi Clothing out of Orange County, California makes some WONDERFUL and SUPER CUTE items. One of which they sent me to review. Their Burp Trio - Cherries (I LOVE Cherries!). These Burp Cloths are 100% cotton which makes them super instantly absorbent when Little Princess spits up. This is nice instead of having it run all the way down the front of my shirt! These burp rags get softer and softer every time I wash them it is amazing!

The cherry appliques are made with super soft minky fabric and does not bleed the colors when washed, another good point! They can also be bleached without fading.

Jannuzzi also has great personalized children's clothing. Charlie Sheen of Two and a Half Men recently showed off his Jannuzzi onsies, blanket, and burp cloths for his twins Max and Bob on Entertainment Tonight! Check out the photos and video at

What else can I say these are wonderful burp cloths and make our abundance of spitting up MUCH easier on the laundry load! Thanks Jannuzzi for creating such a useful and cute tool for moms and babies!

Check out Jannuzzi Clothing today!


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