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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sound Sleep by Sound-Science

We have always been big believers in making sure our children can sleep when there is noise around. One of the ways we do that is playing music while our children sleep. We also live on a very busy road where sirens can go by at all times of the night and day.

Studies have also shown that lack of sleep can lead to ADD and hyperactivity in children.

Sound-Science had created a handful of CD and MP3's that aid in sleeping. For children and adults. We received a copy of the Sound Sleep for Babies. We play it every night. It is wonderful. It helps Little Princess fall asleep very quickly after middle of the night feedings and stay asleep until the next feeding. The Sound Sleep for Babies CD is an advanced womb simulation CD that reminds your baby of the peaceful, cozy, and SAFE chamber of the womb!

During the day we also play the Music is Math CD in the background. An ambient and scientific audio experience that delivers stimulating intellectual concepts to the early developing brain. It is a "Passive Learning System" that compliments the essential stimulation from parent or caregiver. Rather than functioning as a “babysitter” (like the popular DVD products do), the Music is Math Series CDs simply play in the background without interrupting the essential stimulus from parent or caregiver. Your baby can choose to absorb the information on his/her own time. Each CD is tailored for the specific age & stage of your baby’s development.

Sound-Science has also created a line for adults. Sound Sleep The Original, Sound Sleep for Parents and Sound Therapy. The SoundTherapy CD is unlike any other music CD or soundtrack in that it is manually constructed using a science called "Bio-Music".

What is "Bio-Music"?
99.9999% of all music we hear is composed and performed by people who play music: in other words, "musicians". That's a beautiful thing - as long as you want to be entertained by musicians. But what if you want to turn your brain OFF, and allow your inner peace to come through? This is when you want to be serenaded - not by musical performance - but by the random beauty of MOTHER NATURE!
Bio-Music is the musical modeling of the randomness of mother nature.


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