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Monday, May 17, 2010


6 Ways to Keep your Child Active this Summer - Guest Post

This is a guest post written by Lauren Dzuris. Lauren runs FindMyCarSeat, a child car seat website that helps soon to be parents find the right car seat for their child.

Summer is a time that we all look forward to. We can finally leave the house more often, become active again and enjoy the nice weather. Although we look forward to summer a whole lot, our children have been waiting for this time all year. They are finally out of school and can enjoy their time off with their friends, family and by doing what they love.

Children can be quite easy to entertain, but some things entertain them more than we’d wish. When it comes to watching TV and playing video games on a nice day, we wish they could find something better to do outdoors. So, if you’re looking for ways to keep your children having fun this summer while staying active, here are a few things you may want to consider doing!

Visit the park: Visiting the park is always a fun time. Whether you enjoy a lake that is nearby or you just take a walk on the trails, it’s good to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Kids love the space to run around, especially if you have a smaller yard at home!

Take a trip: Taking your children somewhere they’ve never been is exciting. Whether you go up north a few cities or you visit a water park down south, the traveling is something every child looks forward to.

Join a sports team: Getting your children active with sports is important. It keeps them healthy, active and having fun. It also helps them interact with other kids and develop social skills and gain skills in whatever sport they’re playing.

Parks and recreation: Parks and rec has several different programs your child can enroll in. Whether they want to take swimming lessons, dance lessons or get involved in a crafting program, there are always options out there.

Beach: Letting your child play in the sand, swim in the water and enjoy a nice picnic is always fun too. It gets them out of the house and enjoying time with friends and family.

Yard work: Children love to get dirty, we all know that. So, the next time you’re out in the yard let them help you. Whether you’re planting flowers or pulling a few weeds let them get a feel for what yard work is like.

Spending time with your children outdoors is important. It helps them learn healthier, more active habits than by encouraging them to keep busy by watching TV and playing video games. So, the next time you and your child are bored at home and want to get out and about, consider a few of these ideas!

Lauren is a stay at home mom that runs in her spare time. She enjoys writing, parenting, doing crafts and taking walks around the neighborhood.


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