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Friday, May 21, 2010


Little Man and the BUS!

So here is the story and I'm not backing his behavior BUT there may be a reason why! First off he takes an herbal remedy called Brightspark to help calm him and take away some hyperactivity. WELL he is suppose to take it three times a day. When he started the nurse at the school said since we give it to him at 7AM he should have it at school around 1 or 2. WELL she has been giving it to him at 10:30AM! No wonder the kid has issues in the afternoon! And then come to find out the principal did not even TELL him he was kicked off the bus! I went to school to get him, like I was told to do and he was not there! He substitute teacher sent him home on the bus! So I go to the bus stop and get him and told him there was a mistake and he was not suppose to get a "pride" certificate for the week since he got kicked off the bus. He said "I got kicked off the bus?" GEEZ! So long day but he did really good considering he knew the rules were no electronics if you can't ride the bus. No whining, he took it like a MAN!


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