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Thursday, May 27, 2010


Top Renovation Tips for a Happy Home

Next week we will start talking about home renovations and repairs. As you all know we have started this at our house since moving in in October!

Here is a great guest article on "Top Renovation Tips for a Happy Home", from Ashton Mapletoft

Everybody’s idea of the “perfect home” differs. For this reason, you might not be able to find the house of your dreams. Even if this home did exist; it would no doubt cost a pretty penny. It might make more sense to purchase a house that best fits your aspirations and then shape it as you require. First-time buyers commonly buy a bare or run-down property and work away “doing it up”. Once work has completed, the first time buyer can sell the property and buy a more “fitting” house. Whatever your reason for home renovation, make sure that the project you are undertaking is well planned and thought out.

Normal buildings insurance may not cover the home during a renovation. Each insurance policy is different, so the terms and conditions should be read in their entirety before you decide whether or not your existing policy provides ample cover during work.

Always employ the services of builders, decorators and plumbers who have a good reputation. Receiving job quotations from more than two sources will help ensure that you don’t get overcharged for a particular job. You can always barter with each source; after receiving a new quote, describe the price and services on offer by other workmen, you will probably find that the new quote is revised and you may well end up saving money.

Although “adding your own touch” is an essential element in creating the home you desire, err on the side of caution when installing fixtures and decorating your home. You may wish to sell the property in the future, so you should try and ensure that personal touches are laced with neutrality. Painting the walls black and ceilings red may create the ambiance you are looking for, but when selling the property you would be likely to scare away any interested buyers.

Properly plan every detail of the renovation project and get advice from professionals whenever possible. Seek advice and the thoughts of close friends and family –they may come up with something you haven’t thought of. Don’t try to “reinvent the wheel” when building and decorating. Budget for every job – and adhere to it. Finally, if you don’t feel confident about carrying out a particular job yourself – call in the professionals.

About the author: Ashton Mapletoft is a freelance writer with a particular interest in buildings insurance.


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