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Friday, December 10, 2010


Baby Bites

I have to confess, since being a stay at home mom I have let the schedule slack. I have also stopped paying attention to what Ashlee is really eating, just letting her snack a she wishes running all over the house. Now I'm paying the price for my mommy mistake!

Baby Bites, the newest title from Bridget Swinney, Registered Dietitian and mother of two, delves into every area of feeding babies, including the less talked about "output" department. She also offers a no nonsense approach to making your own baby food.

"In working with new parents, I've found they really need practical information and real life examples. I appreciate the fact that new moms often don't have the time to take a shower, much less to sit down and read a complicated feeding book! So I've divided the information into sections that can be read quickly--during a nursing session, for example."


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