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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A new twist on old favorites

Hasbro has relased some old games with a new twist!

SORRY! SPIN, a new take on the classic game of SORRY!, features an innovative rotating game board that makes getting “HOME” more complicated and unpredictable than ever before. The unique dynamics involved in the game of SORRY! SPIN engage players on every move and make it anyone’s game to win.
Similar to the classic game of SORRY!, cards prompt
moves around the game board forward and backward.

In SORRY! SPIN, these action cards and spin spaces
involve an added element as players might be asked
to spin the center game board a quarter turn, which
could move an opponent’s pawn, or even your own,
farther or closer from the corresponding “HOME” area.
It’s hard to know  what card will be played next!

Be the first player to get four pawns back to the
“HOME” space and yell “SORRY!” to win the game.

Players become the TWISTER mat in this game, as the iconic TWISTER dots are turned into rings that players use to connect body parts with other players to score points – taking TWISTER to a new level. Score points to win any of the five unique games included in TWISTER HOOPLA and prepare to closely interact with other players in this exciting interpretation of TWISTER.

Players select from team games, goofy races, or
competitive play in TWISTER HOOPLA. After turning the
spinner, players follow instructions to connect body part
with a colored TWISTER HOOPLA game ring, such as
“green ring, right elbow to left hip.” Don’t start to laugh or
lose your balance. Dropping the ring means you’ll be

 Choose from five unique games:
-          TWISTER Glue
-          TWISTER Race
-          TWISTER Scatter
-          TWISTER Tangle
-     TWISTER Toss

Hasbro is adding a friend named FROGGIO to the Elefun and Friends line. This fun-loving character comes to life in the POP GOES FROGGIO game, which takes picture finding to new heights. In this active matching game, preschoolers spread lily pads of Elefun and his friends around the room, spin the spinner and try to find the matching picture. The first preschooler to match the Elefun and Friends character to the right lily pad gets to stomp on the big green lily pad launcher and send Froggio for a triumphant leap!

To begin playing, place lily pads of Elefun and his
friends face down around the room. Players take turns spinning the butterfly spinner, and race to try to find the
Elefun and friend’s picture under the lily pads.

Once the matching lily pads is found, the preschooler races back to Froggio and stomps on the large lily pad
launcher, which send Froggio flying into the air.

For younger players, place the lily pads face up and allow players to either catch Froggio in the air or pick him up
off the ground once he lands.


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