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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Teens: 50 Activities That Will Change Your Life

This is a great book for parents of teens. The book helps with self discovery in this world where the challenges of being a teen chage daily!

With all the challenges and uncertainty in a teen's life, self-discovery and setting a foundation for the future is difficult. "Who am I?" and "How can I become the person I want to be?" are questions that frequently haunt teenagers.

With the help of Roger Leslie's book, Success Express for Teens: 50 Activities that Will Change Your Life, today's teenagers can begin to discover more about themselves and learn about setting attainable goals.
Leslie compares choosing a direction for your life with going to a train station and deciding which train will take you to your desired destination.

The ticket for every destination in life is commitment. "Are you required to remain only on one train all your life?" students ask Leslie. "Of course not," he reassures them. "You may return to the depot at any time to pick a new train, or you may re-board old trains you once took but left earlier."

To help young people decide on a destination, this award-winning teacher developed and refined the exercises shared in Success Express for Teens. Throughout the book, the brief, action-oriented activities pose the questions "What should I do next?", "How?" and "What's in it for me?" After describing the goal of the activity, Leslie then leaves room to respond to specific instructions and reflect on how the knowledge can be put to immediate use in real life.

The activities are set up to encourage teenagers to clarify their highest ambitions, identify wise risks, and develop motivation that will help make them self-starters and keep them focused on their goals--even in the face of adversity. Leslie subtly teaches students about their dynamic relationship with life and the empowering role they play in any destiny to which they aspire.

Teens can take their journey to success independently by completing the suggested activities on their own. In addition, the book has a helpful appendix for teachers, counselors, group leaders and parents which details ways to turn each of the 50 activities into shared group experiences for five to fifty teens.

So, whether alone or with their peers, teens can board the Success Express and move toward identifying and realizing their dreams.


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