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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Disabilites-parents please read

I have a very dear frined who I often refer to as my sister because that is how close we are. She is in a wheel chair. I don't notice it. But I notice people looking a her and she notices them looking too.

I taught my kids if someone has a disability it is not polite to stare but that it is ok to ask them about it. Many disabled people don't mind answeing questions and would rather you ask then stare.

She is the strongest woman I know. It broke my heart to hear a little girl who ran out in front of her car told her she should not be driving be cause she is "paralyzed". One, who brought this child up? Two, she is a person just like you and me.

We are all different whether it be our skin color, hair color, or the way we walk.

Parents please talk to your children and let them know rude comments are not ok and questions are good. And don't be a hypocrites Don't stare, ask questions and be kind. We all have feelings and are all turely unique and kind people.

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Lagean Ellis
March 4, 2010 at 7:55 PM delete

I agree. My son was raised to treat people with disabilities the same as everyone else. He knows to offer assistance, if they need it. I also taught him to take up for them, if they need it and not let anyone make fun of them or hurt them.

He's 19 now and looks out for me. I was injured in a work accident 2 years ago, underwent surgery and came out with severe nerve damage. It's very noticeable where it has affected my back area and entire lower, right side. I use a cane to help mobilize.

What gets me is that it's generally the adults who are the worst. They give you "looks" as if to say, "There's nothing wrong with you" or whatever. You can always tell who their children are. Now the little ones, they don't know any better. My great nieces are so used to it and understand that I need it to help me walk. But, as soon as a sit down or get inside a room where I have things to hold on to, my cane transforms into their "horsie". LOL They are 1 - 3 1/2, so it's really cute.

Anyway, it's heartbreaking. People don't realize that you go through so much as it is, that you don't need their "attitude" to go with it. For me, having been injured at 38, it's been very life changing and my self esteem, confidence and depression are all out of whack. I would thank them to kindly keep it to themselves.

Hug your friend for me. She's beautiful!