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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known to the world as the beloved Dr. Seuss, was born in March 2, 1904.

Here are some great ideas from to celebrate!

We read one of Dr. Seuss' books emphasizing the rhyming. Then we create our own book which we call "Look Out Dr. Seuss, Our Poems are on the Loose." In circle time I suggest several words that can be rhymed easily and the children make their own rhymes and illustrate them. Examples from last year: The flower took a shower, the man on the floor walked out the door and my favorite, I played in the mud and got full of crud. I make a large drawing of Dr. Seuss that all the children take turns coloring and we display their drawings around it. Copies of the drawings are put together as a book for the children to take home.

Make a Dr. Seuss hat from a paper bag. Just fold up the top of the bag and paint it red and white stripped. Add yarn around the folded part to help it stay on the childs head.
Another Seuss Hat. We took a paper plate and cut out the center. We then took strips (any size you choose) of white and red construction paper. We just used scotch tape to put the strips together. And use the center of the paper plate for the top of the hat.

Dr. Suess Books


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