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Thursday, June 17, 2010


5 Things to Check on Your Vehicle Before a Road Trip

I asked Elizabeth to write this article for me so that we can all be safe before we go on a road trip this summer!

This post was contributed by Elizabeth Cutten. Elizabeth helps run FindGasCards, a gas credit card / auto blog helping those that drive save.

We all look forward to that time of relaxing, new scenery and getting away from our hometown. Although, what we don’t look forward to, or expect to happen is for something to go wrong with our vehicle. You can’t predict the future, therefore it is important to prepare for it in every way that you can.

When traveling across the country your chances of something going wrong with your vehicle increase. Whether or not your car is old, things still happen and don’t go as planned. Although, there are a few things you can do to try and prevent anything from going wrong ahead of time. To learn how to do a quick check on your vehicle, continue reading below.

Oil: First of all, you should always be looking out for your car’s oil. You want to make sure the levels are where they are supposed to be, and that it is a nice and light color. If it looks dark, be sure to get it changed before your road trip.

Transmission fluid: You always want to make sure your car has enough transmission fluid. Transmissions can be very costly to replace so it is a good idea to always look out for them.

Tires: Also, be sure to check the air pressure in your tires. You can get a tire pressure gauge and check this very easily. If it is below what it is supposed to be, be sure to take your car to the gas station or fill them up at your house. If you have a portable tire inflator, it’s not a bad idea to bring that long with you as well.

Wipers: It is always a good idea to make sure your wipers work well and that the fluids are where they should be. You don’t want to cause any accidents simply because you couldn’t see. Filling up your windshield wiper fluid is very cheap, so be sure it’s full before you leave.

Emergency bag: Make sure you have some type of emergency bag in your vehicle. This should contain things like emergency numbers to call, towing numbers, some food that won’t spoil, some drinks and a first aid kit. You never know what the future has in store, so be prepared! Also, if it is cold, be sure to bring extra blankets just in case your car stalls.

If you’re looking to have the safest road trip possible, be sure to prepare in these five ways. These can help prevent accidents and enhance the safety of your driving!


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