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Monday, June 28, 2010


Spider Monkeys and my trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

So as many of you know I just returned from EIGHT days in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico which is about 1 hour south of Cancun!

I left the kids and husband home and went with my aunt and cousin (recent high school graduate), two of her friends and one of their parents.

I had fun. It was RELAXING which is JUST what I was there for. I was not there to see Mexico and do excursions. I was there to sit by the pool, sip a margarita and CHILLAX! And that is just what I did!

The first day was primarily spent in travel. Left the house at 330AM and arrived in Mexico around 330pm.

The second day we hit the beach and the pool. We went, I guess you could call it Kayaking, in a two person Kayak. It was fun and of course tiring! More laying by the pool and swimming and of course SHOPPING!

The third day we went snorkeling on the beach in front our our resort. I was able to see all kinds of little fish amongst swallowing a lot of the Caribbean Ocean! Which by the way does NOT taste that good!

The fourth and fifth day we went shopping around the resort and took and interesting trip to Cancun. It was suppose to only take 1 hour by bus to get to where we were going. But after many wrong directions and finding the store we were looking for had moved, three hours later we made it just in time for dinner and then returned back to the resort.

The sixth day was my ABSOLUTE favorite. We were able to visit the spider monkey reserve called The Jungle Place. If you are ever on the Rivera Maya I HIGHLY suggest you visit the Jungle Place. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time because they only allow two groups of about 15 people per day. This keeps the monkeys happy and safe.

The grounds of The Jungle Place are a sanctioned reserve for the endangered spider monkey and royal toucan. Tours of our sanctuary and grounds are available only with advance reservations. *Please note children under 7 years of age may not interact with the animals directly.Tour price is US$50.00 per person and last approximately 1 hour. 100% of tour donations go to the care and feeding of our rescued animals. The emotional experience of directly interacting with these remarkable animals is likely to be something you will remember for the rest of your life. Some have told us it changed their lives, changed their outlooks and even healed their troubles.Whatever you take from the experience we hope it includes a new understanding of the dangers these animals face and provides inspiration to give back to the earth in your own way. Maya was one of my favorite monkeys. She liked to be rocked in your lap and then decided to do some Yoga with me!

Day seven was my last full day in Mexico and we were suppose to go to Xcaret but because tropical storm Alex was moving in it was a day of rain. I spent my time in he hotel room, sleeping, relaxing, and enjoying my last day. No I did not go to the pool because I had gotten a tattoo the night before!

Needless to say I had fun doing about NOTHING, a little pool time and enough sun not to get burnt!

We did have some exciting things happen, one night we had a small fire the floor above us (was just a AC unit), a gecko decided to make his bed in my aunt's suitcase (the girls ended up on the bed screaming as I got it out of the room, they are QUICK little things), and of course tropical storm Alex gave us lots of wind and rain but we all stayed safe!

My last day was all about travel. I left the resort about 830am and returned home to my family around 930om. I was glad to be home I missed my kids and husband and they missed me more!


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