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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Car Maintenance: Three Ways to Save Without Doing it Yourself

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Car maintenance is one of those necessary evils we would all like to avoid but can’t seem to get out of. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it would be more expensive to pay for others to handle maintenance tasks or not do it at all and end up dealing with the consequences later. While paying for someone else to do the maintenance tasks on your car can be expensive, there are some great ways to save. No, I’m not talking about doing it yourself. Too many of us do not have the experience and knowhow to pull that off. Instead, try some more creative ways to get your car maintenance taken care of on a lower budget.

One option is to refer a friend. Auto mechanics are just like cosmetologists – they are always looking for new clients. Often times they will provide a discount on a service to those who refer their friends and family. Of course, it’s a good idea to work out the terms before the referral is made just to make sure a discount is given. Referring a friend to a good mechanic will not only help your friend out by providing them with a reliable solution for their car maintenance but it could also end up saving you a few dollars as well.

Another option is to negotiate. Auto mechanics have busy months and slow months. Do a little research and find out what months are typically slower for auto mechanics. Choosing to have your vehicle maintenance performed during the slower months may give you just the leverage you need to negotiate a better deal. Competition is fierce in the slower months which mean that mechanics are more likely to provide competitive prices.

The last suggestion to consider is to look into a group discount. Everyone who owns a car is in need of car maintenance. With a little organization - friends, family and neighbors can all work together to receive a group discount with an auto mechanic. It will be well worth it to him to discount his prices if he is getting more business with a group discount. A little research and coordination can really add up. So before you let an auto mechanic attach the vacuum pump to your A/C or change out your oil, consider putting these suggestions to good use to get some great discounts on your car maintenance.


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