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Monday, June 14, 2010


Times Are Tough, But Vaca(tion) Doesn’t Have to be a 4-Letter Word

Most American families are feeling the crunch from these tough economic times. And a lack of capital has a tendency to make even the most light-hearted optimist turn a bit sour. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a job and you’re able to pay all your bills on time, but saving extra money is another matter entirely. And you can just forget about the summer vacation you had planned! The worst part is, with all of the financial stress facing today’s families, the thing you need the most is a little respite. And believe it or not, it can be yours with these helpful hints for a frugal family vacation.

1. Camping is the easiest and least expensive getaway for a family on a budget. If you already own camping gear, you’re pretty much good to go. But even if you don’t, think of your preliminary payout as an investment. Whatever the initial expense, just imagine how much you will save over time on travel and lodging by driving to a nearby destination and rouging it instead of flying to a city and spending tons of dough on hotels, food, and transportation. And the splendor of nature is certainly a more relaxing backdrop than crowded malls and noisy cab rides.

2. Visit friends or relatives. This is not only a good way to save on lodging, it can also be an incentive to see those you have neglected to keep up with in awhile (or ever). Doesn’t your mom have a second cousin somewhere if France? Time to go tour the Louvre! Many times, extended family members will be excited at the prospect of putting you up for a few days, as well as giving you an insider’s look at the area they live in, just for a chance to meet you (and you can return the favor at a later date).

3. Stay close to home. Take a week off work and explore options for entertainment in your area. Spend a day at the local beach, lake, or state park. Check for family discounts at museums, zoos, or other attractions. Or just get the kids out for a hike and a picnic. However, if you choose a stay-home vacation, just remember to ditch the electronics. Nothing is worse than fielding calls from work or other obligations while you’re supposed to be relaxing. And you’ll find that avoiding the media at large for a few days really helps you focus and enjoy spending time with your family.

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