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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Glidden - Paint Your Way to Happy! #Get Color

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Glidden. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love COLOR. And even more so when you get to chose it! One of my favorite stores is, yes I admit it, The Home Depot!

My favorite department in the whole store is the paint department. At least one wall in every room of our house is filled with color. Now I work for an interior design firm so I had some help choosing the right color scheme. But this also means when my husband asks me to bring some white paint home, I reply "What color white paint?" After all there are thousands of shades of white!

When I start a room I start at Glidden has many user friendly tools on their site to help you choose just the right color for your project! They offer paint testers in EVERY color. Yes EVERY color not just a select few like MOST paint companies! They also have extra large paint chips and a ton of coordinating color ideas and pictures for your home!

One of my FAVORITE product from Glidden is their Ready-To-Go Paint Testers. This is very beneficial is you have children. Because I don't know about you but my walls can get scratched, scraped, colored on, and who else knows what! I found it is easier to paint over the black permanent marker my son decorated my office with than try to scrub it off with stinky rubbing alcohol! So another cool feature about the Ready-To-Go Paint Testers is you don't have to purchase an additional paint brush to test your color out! It comes with one attached to the lid! That is a great feature for a mom that seems to loose track of everything. And lastly my most favorite feature of all..small and easy to store! I cannot honestly tell you how many gallons of paint I have stored in my garage. Um let's say at LEAST a dozen, not to mention the 5 gallon buckets which realistically only have a half of paint left in them! also offers a Room Painter feature on their website allowing you to visualize your color choice on your wall.

Visit today and start PaintingYour Way to Happy!
Visit my sponsor: Glidden


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