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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Five Home Gym Equipment Pieces You Can Fit In Your Home Without Making It Look Like A Gym

If you're in the process of creating your own home gym, there's a good chance that you're on a hunt for equipment that will be easy to store or hide so that your home stays looking like a home. If you happen to live in a smaller house or an apartment, you likely don't want a huge weight set taking up valuable space, which is why you should consider investing in these five pieces of home gym equipment instead.
All are easy to hide and will still give you a great workout at the same time.

An Ab Wheel
Everyone wants to get six pack abs and with this unique device, they can be yours. The ab wheel will really place a high amount of tension on the abdominal muscles as you roll out and in from the body. Best of all it's only 3 pounds so you can easily carry it to wherever you need.

Resistance Bands
Another smart investment if you're looking to set up a home gym that doesn't look like a home gym is resistance bands. These will work very well when you're exercising in a tight space and need to store your resistance equipment in a drawer.

Since you can perform so many different exercises that target all the various muscle groups with these bands, you'll really get a complete body workout without any problems.

An Exercise Ball
Another wise investment for creating your home gym that will also help to work all the muscles deep within the core of the body is an exercise ball. These are best when used in conjunction with your resistance bands or a set of dumbbells since the off-balance nature of them will cause the muscles to sit-up and contract even harder.

A Medicine Ball
If you'd rather not invest in a set of dumbbells to complete your workout, these medicine balls make for a great alternative. You can still perform a variety of different strength building exercises with these balls and they work great if you plan to workout with a partner.

This particular unit is really nice to have since it provides a few different levels of resistance so you can be sure you're challenging yourself as you need to.

A Mini Stepper
Finally, the last piece of gym equipment that's easily stored out of sight is a mini stepper. This is a great way to help develop the lower body and get some cardio training in. Unlike other pieces of cardio equipment, it doesn't weigh over 300 pounds.

With a total weight of just 20 pounds, you can easily carry this to any room in your house when you want to get in a quick workout.

So if you're looking to create your own home gym quickly and effectively without having it take up your whole room consider these excellent choices for fitness equipment.

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