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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Googly Bands! Chance to win a $50 gift card - Design Contest

I'm not sure what it is but kids are HIGHLY attracted to bracelets, specifically the rubber bracelets!

Googly Bands are the hottest collectibles since Beanie Babies. Tweens gathering them by the hundreds, especially the rare styles. Googly Bands are very affordable (several dollars cheaper for 12 then most online and specialty store distributors!) and make for a great birthday bag stuffers, end of year gifts, or just because gifts!

Genuine Googly® Bands are stretchable, bounce backable, wearable, collectible and unbelievable!

Available in tons of cool shapes in lots of hot colors. Googly® Bands stretch out to wear, and always return back to their original shape when you take them off!

Trade Googly® Bands with your friends or give them out as gifts!

Googly® Bands care about the environment. Their packaging is recyclable and creates less waste, which is good for the planet!

Starting June 1, 2010 Imperial is accepting submissions for the first ever Googly Bands Design Contest! Top ten band designs will be posted on Other Goggly Bands fans will get a chance to narrow down the the top 10 designs to the top 3 designs by voting on Imperial will select the final winning design eligible for development and a $50 gift card! For more information visits

I received a sample of googly Bands to assist me in writing this review.


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