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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Children's Silhouettes !

Children's Handpainted Silhouettes!

I found this WONDERFUL local artist that does handpainted silhouettes of your children. (And also wall murals, aka MURAL GIRL!) She also does silhouettes of virtually anyone, adults, pregnant mothers, parents and babies! Oh yeah and she can SHIP your order to you if you are not local!

Jayme Ferrari of Handpainted Silhouettes is amazing! She customizes the colors too. Ours matches our living room furniture. It is GREAT! I can't say enough. You have to see them to appreciate just how great they are.

Visit her website today

I ordered one of Little Man for Milkman for Christmas. It is SO adorable. I told her she needs to stay in business for at least another four years so we can get one of Little Princess when she is the same age!


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