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Monday, December 8, 2008


Our trip to cut down our Christmas Tree

Warning: This video my look "adult content" when viewed.
It is not meant that way, and was completely unintentional (he did not even know I taped it until we left) but may look that way to some. It is completely hilarious !

We went to Mitchel's Tree Farm in Gig Harbor this year to cut down our Christmas tree. We try to go every year.
Here is daddy and Little Man finishing it off.
(Well it was already cut they just cut off some bottom branches)

So it gets even better than the video!

We get it home and it did not look like a very big tree when we cut it down but it turns out it is about two feet too tall! So Little Man got a "mini" tree for his room!

Lastly here are two pictures of Little Man. One in front of our decorated tree before we went to my office Christmas Party and the second in front of the tree with his Santa Suit on before he and Nana decorated a Gingerbread House.


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