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Monday, December 1, 2008


Winners of Window Wedges

Please email me your mailing address. Prizes not claimed by December 8th will be redrawn and given to someone else.
jenny said...
wow i realy could use this where i live my little one windo's go out to a flat roof and well by have some of them i know theres going to be no way she can get out and then i know i can keep the windo's open. also on the loft beds never but a young child under the age of 5 on the top bunk part of any kind of bunk bed thay could get heart dont even let them house play on them or a rond them . i know from what happen to my bother when we where kids not olny that but from what happen to my own son and every one knows a trip to the er is no fun when your a kid. just want to let you know thanks
moushka said...
We need one in our daughters bedroom. We never open the window in there for fear of them falling out 2 stories.
NateAndJakesMom said...
I need these because I have one of the most active little boy (and I am afraid the littlest one will learn by example). We live in a two story home with all boy's bedrooms upstairs. The one I am most worried about (the 16 year old is fine I hope) has started climbing on things, moving them to where he wants and getting up higher... It is only a matter of time until he wants to see out his windows.
- Marybeth I. said...
My 7 year old keep opening her 2nd floor window. This would help me with peace of mind....


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