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Monday, December 15, 2008


Tales of Tanya

When Little Man was potty training we found that he would do great if we offered a reward. We started to offer one jelly bean for potting and two for pooping in the toilet. After a while he caught on and would go potty a little bit just to get a jelly bean. So we tried to find something with less sugar to encourage him to continue to potty train. My mom found sugar free jelly beans. It was Codeman's birthday in 2007 and Little Man had his share of the sugar free jelly beans for the first time. We were all enjoying the pool and we were also teaching Little Man to not go to the bathroom in the pool. At one time we had gotten out and I told Little Man he had to go to the bathroom before reentering the pool. So into the bathroom we went. There was Little Man standing in front of the toilet going to the bathroom and out came a fart, and much, much more. I yelled for "The Aunt". "Ah crap" she replied. "Yes, all over the floor and the wall and your shower curtain." She quickly came in and assisted in the cleaning effort and told Little Man that Codeman had done it more than once before. Who knew that sugar free candy was a laxative!


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