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Monday, December 29, 2008


Tales of Tanya

The day I graduated from high school we had rehearsal at the Tacoma Done in the morning. my friend and I had gone to rehearsal and were on our way back driving through downtown. We had our music blasting! The guy next to us honked at us and started pointing down. Being the teenager I was I thought he was telling me to turn my music down. So I gave him the bird. Then he did it again. I then rolled down my window and he told me I had a flat tire! So feeling like and idiot (which I deserved) I pulled over into the McDonald's parking lot. My friend called her dad who came to pick us up but I did not want to leave my car there. So she went with her dad and I waited. Luckily my dad came with Fix-A-Flat and we took the car home just in time to get ready for the graduation ceremony and the party afterward.


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