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Friday, December 12, 2008


i See Me Books!

So warning if you are a relative STOP reading this or you may ruin your Christmas gift!
For all others, I was going to wait until after the holidays to share this great company with you but they are offering free shipping until December 14th only so I had to share it with you!
With iSeeMe books we got a book called, the World According to Little Man (your child's name here). This book is SOOOO cool. You get a packet with some blank paper and a questionnaire. You ask you child the questions and have them draw certain pictures on the paper. You return it to iSeeMe and they send you a book of the artwork and the answers. It is so cool!!! Like Little Man says "There are 100 people in the world."
They have other great personalized books as well, My Very Own Name, My Very Own Fairy Tale, etc! So if you order between now and December 14th you can get free shipping by using this code: FSR585
Check it out today!
(Click on picture below to to get to their site)

Personalized Children's Books


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