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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Little Man's New Fliggity Shirt and Cape

So one of the best things is watching Little Man and daddy playing boy things. They love to play superheros. Two years ago Little Man made a homemade cape out of a white handkerchief that he colors with fabric pens. That works and is very cute. However the bigger he gets the tighter the cape gets around his neck and the more it falls off! SO I found the absolute CUTEST shirts online at
Here is a video of his first flight!

I told him he would have to fly a little easier so he did not knock himself out! Needless to say this is a GREAT product! The cape easily detaches for the times when you are about to walk into a restaurant and don't really want to take the cape with you! It is made of very good quality material too. And the best part, the cape is reversible! You can use this coupon code to save 20% on your order from now until December 31: fliggityDEC. What a GREAT Christmas gift!
They also have Fliggity Fly shirts where the "wings" are built in. They are SO cute! The boys shirts run small so order the next size up.


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