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Monday, December 1, 2008


Tales of Tanya

My mother and father both had large families. As I said in my Tales of Tanya post my mother was one of 7 children. She was born in Pensicola, FL. All of her siblings were born in different states except two were born in New Mexico.
My father was one of 6 children. He is one of the middle children. He has a brother who when you put them side by side they could pass as twins, yet they are several years apart. When my son was younger and the two of them were together he would get confused on who his Papa was. Up until he was about 3 he called them both Papa. My dad often will have someone come up and start a conversation with him and not know he is not talking to the right person!
My dad grew up in Tacoma. My mom grew up all over with her junior and senior year here in Tacoma. My father is a home kind of man. He does not want to move away. Most of his family still lives in the Tacoma area. When my dad was growing up he had an Afro (spelling). It was GREAT to see that in their wedding pictures.
My mom told me that her littlest sister was the flower girl at her wedding. Their colors were light blue and yellow. My stubborn aunt refused to wear anything but her bright red patten leather shoes. My mom even bought her a pair on Christmas recently to remind her of her stubbornness. It was really funny!


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