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Monday, December 22, 2008


Tales of Tanya

Christmas 2007. This was it the year Little Man knew who Santa was and what he brought. He was so excited and I think Justin and I were even more excited. The night before we waited for him to go to bed then we went to work. We assembled an art easel that Santa had brought and set up a couple other gifts unwrapped for him. We took a picture of our masterpiece and headed to bed. The next morning we made sure we were up before him with the camcorder in hand to record his reaction. We woke him up to tell him Santa had been there! We turned the camcorder on and lead him in to the room with the tree and gifts. "Where's Santa" he asked. That was it, where's Santa? Don't you see all the gifts that appeared over night? Nope just where's Santa.


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