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Friday, August 13, 2010


10 Free Phonics Techniques Blogs

1. English Pronunciation Site offers videos that show you samples of English words and phrases. You can either keep by reading the blog or subscribe for free apps to follow along with these helpful videos. Make your mastery of English complete by referring to this helpful site.

2. How to Help Your Struggling Reader is a highly useful site suggests an article on how to intervene if your child is having difficulty reading, with practical tips of parents of these struggling children.

3. Phonics and Teaching Decoding Skills focuses on the age range of kindergartners through third graders, this blog advocates that students in this age range who are taught explicit phonetic strategies for decoding and encoding words have a stronger basis for later literacy learning.

4. Phonics Reading will provide aid for those learning English as a second language. This method is an exemplary phonics based system for teaching the English language in use for more than 30 years in the U.K. This approach was implemented to help teachers explain the complexities of written English, with its many rules and even more exceptions, in a child-centered manner.

5. Home School Blogger is a teaching blog that gives you a review of different phonics teaching methods available so that you can make a more educated decision when deciding on a phonics program. Don’t miss this pertinent site as your search for phonics services.

6. Phonics resources help parents and teachers assist children to learn and love to read by the use of phonics. Use the valuable information on this site to find the best books to read to your child to foster a love of learning and start them on the road to a lifelong love of reading. This site offers free teacher and parent resources. You can also be inspired by the real life success stories found here to help you be motivated as you help your child learn to love books.

7. Learning to Read with Phonics looks into learning to read by the use of phonics. This site offers other articles on this topic. Don’t let the growing illiteracy rate affect you or your household.

8. Building Blocks of Reading stressing phonemic awareness – the roots of spoken English – this site will definitely assist you as you work to help your child with word recognition. You have so many articles at your fingertips on this site you are sure to find an answer to any dilemma you encounter as your child learns to read.

9. Phonics Kids provides you with helpful overviews of the usefulness of phonics. This article points you to Phonics Starter and Phonics Builder, downloadable programs to help.

10. Teaching Phonics targets the particular needs of parents choosing to home school their children. Specific advice is provided for those who teach their children in the home.

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