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Monday, August 16, 2010


The great summer festivals are ready to hit the continental Europe with the season gradually approaching towards its end. Visitors to the continent in the next few months will be able to participate in a number of events to be hosted by the countries across the British Channel from which we have selected a few wonderful festivals in France which would be an added attraction for people travelling to France at the end of this summer.

With several ferries to France plying on the Dover-Calais route and the Dover-Dunkirque route across the Channel, travellers have a plenty of choice to go for a fantastic summer break to the continent with friends and family. They could easily book a ferry with any of these companies taking advantage of the cheap summer deals currently available with most of these operators. Not only is it economic but also very convenient to load the cars with as much luggage as possible and sail towards the most popular destinations in France that are ready to welcome the visitors with the great musical feast. Unlike the UK where people celebrate summer festivals by enjoying live rock music on the streets and unlimited beer, the seasonal festivals in France come with more cultural flavour with them. Once such festival is, Les Nuits de Fourviére held in Lyon every year from June to August. The two- month long event organises a number of programmes including theatre, dance, music and film. Burgundy is one more festival that takes place in Beaun between 3 to 26 July, playing a wonderful series of Opera concerts, the ‘sacred music’ and the festival is popularly known as Festival International d’opéra baroque de Beaune. People looking for more classical music can visit Nancy and Lorraine for the Nancyphonies – Festival de Nancy between 8th July and 5th August.

If you plan your trip in August, there is one more festival to entertain you in Vallée de la Vézére, Limousin, called Festival de la Vézére to be organised between 10 July and 21 August. Here you can enjoy classical music performed by very popular soloists. Normandy is another region in France to fulfil your musical thirst with the Heures Musicales de l’abbaye de Lessay in Lessay, which is a fantastic event that would surely leave you spellbound. The festival running between 13 July and 20 August presents religious and secular classical and baroque music by some of the world’s greatest performers. One more festival in this season, which certainly deserves a mention is the Festival d’lle de France that starts from 4 September and concludes on 11 October. It plays almost 30 music concerts, from baroque to jazz in various historic venues across the country. Sail with a ferry and drive into the rural locations to enjoy the best time of the year in France when the whole country becomes alive with the beats of music played across the whole region.


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