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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


How to Set Up Your Back-to-School Routine

Going Back to School is an exciting time for kids (and parents) of all ages. Gearing up for the new routines can quickly feel overwhelming. Here are a few easy ways to ease the transition for your whole family!

Get Back into the Routine

The first two weeks of school can be a shock to your kids. Start now by setting up small routines. For example, before my kids can watch cartoons in the morning, they need to get dressed, eat breakfast and finish their chores.

As the summer fades into fall, set up routines that will ease everyone into the first week of school. When will chores need to be done? When will lunches be made and homework finished? Where should backpacks be put when kids come home from school? Talk with your kids about these decisions and get their input, then have them get into the habit of these routines before school starts.

Start Early

The week or two before school starts is a great time to start these routines. Even though the sun is out, set up a regular bedtime schedule. Grab window shades or blankets to block out all of the evening summer fun or provide eye masks for your kids that can be picked up for about a dollar at your local craft or fabric store. Start waking them up early on a regular basis so they can get used to it.

Stock Up

Reduce the chaos of the excitement of school starting by getting things ready. Make sure the necessary school supplies have been purchased and are ready to go in your kids' backpacks. Begin stocking up on nutritious items that are easy to transport for school snacks and lunches.

Review your child’s basic clothing items as well. Before I know it, my kids have outgrown their shoes, or their socks are full of holes. Take inventory of your child’s underwear, shoes, socks, and other clothing they might need. However, don’t go out and buy all new clothes at once - pants and long-sleeved shirts can wait a month or two until the weather gets a bit colder.

Avoid Overcommitment

September is a busy time, and kids are already overstimulated. Keep extra-curricular activities to a minimum or not at all during the month of September whenever possible. This will help everyone transition into the busy schedule of the new school year. Providing down time will also insure that everyone in your family gets the rest they need.

The beginning of the school year can be a chaotic time, but it doesn’t have to be. These suggestions will help your family enjoy the transition without all of the chaos!

Kelly Wilson, is an editor for Teaching Resource Center, a Teacher Store providing high-quality Teaching Materials at incredibly low prices.


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