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Monday, August 9, 2010


Waste Free Lunch Tips from Goodbyn

From Goodbyn

For ideal nutrition and environmental-friendliness, consider the following guidelines:

1 -  Don’t waste money on juice-boxes or baggies. Make use of our individually-sealing containers and drink bottle.

2 -  Find locally grown or organic produce when you can. Make a new tradition of going to the weekly local farmer’s market and experimenting with seasonal ingredients.

3 -  Avoid over-processed food items. We all know what they look like—they come in fancy packaging to distract you from all the ingredients on the back you can’t pronounce.

4 -  Buy products with minimal, recyclable, or recycled packaging. If you do buy single use convenience food items, unwrap them, and dispose of the wrapper at home where you know it will be recycled. This also makes getting right down to eating easier for your kids when they get to school and saves the teacher stress too.

5 -  To avoid processed meats and save some money, buy chicken or other meat to pre-cook and use on sandwiches and in salads throughout the week.

6 -  Attempt to buy bulk for dried food items (i.e. peanuts, granola, cereals and pasta). You’ll be amazed at how much money you save by bypassing the packaging middleman.
7 -  Avoid single-use packaged items such as pudding, yogurt, apple sauce, mandarin oranges, and pineapple slices. Try to buy these products in bulk or make large batches of these foods to serve throughout the week. To increase variety, buy plain or vanilla yogurt and use real fruit, fruit juice, jellies, or honey to flavor.

8  - Make your own sauces, dressings, and dips whenever possible. This is not only money-saving, but generally healthier, tastier, and can help broaden your pantry selections.

9 -  Pack reusable spoon and napkin in the ‘head’ of your Goodbyn lunchbox.

10  - To ensure your child eats all their fruit (and it doesn't end up in the waste bin), slice oranges and apples so they aren't as intimidating.


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