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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Cable TV Options

So I wanted to share my findings!

We have been looking into our cable TV options since it seems like everything is SO expensive these days. Here is what I found.

Option #1 - Local cable provider (Hint Comcast is EXPENSIVE!) We pay almost $25 less with Click. But they do not offer it is all areas.

Option # 2 - Dish Network, since 1999 subscribers have been able to receive local stations from their dish satellite. It is called “local-into-local” service. If your local satellite provider does not offer “local-into-local” service you are suppose to be able to still use, you guessed it BUNNY EARS! With a variety of affordable packages, check your local provider. There is also lots of great information on TV service guides and satellite TV online!

Option #3 - Web based TV. There are other options that require your TV be hooked up to the Internet like, Netflix or From research online it looks like offers $10/month packages for movie and TV access but this requires compatible Blu Ray players. Our player should be compatible in Fall 2010. Although the sitcoms are not completely up to date I am told they are not as old as the Netflix options.

We currently have Netflix, not only was it a HUGH pain to get connected BUT it never works! I would rather wait for the DVD to come in the mail than deal with it. LOL but of course when I PAY for a movie through Amazon it works just FINE! It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

With technology these days we have gone from antennas on top of houses, to bunny ears, to hooking our TV’s up to the internet.


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August 15, 2010 at 9:13 PM delete

Thanks for the comments, I'm always looking for ideas but you know how that goes! However I just wanted to say I absolutely love Netflix and it's one of the best decisions we've ever made, never had a problem with it, sorry you did!