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Friday, August 13, 2010


School Time Craft

It’s back to school time everywhere…or close to it! As I look back on each school year for my kids, I would have liked to have done things differently. I would do an album each year, with fun information such as the teachers name, students name, school name and city, fun dates they had each year…you get the idea! Mini albums are easy to do, and this idea…well you can use a page kit and add some extra’s to it, or create your own page kit!

Start to gather the following supplies, and let’s get started on a fun album to showcase your child’s school year!

5 sheets cardstock or patterned paper cut into 6 x 6 sheets
Paper to match above for matting
Embellishments such as die cuts or stickers
Black marker
Ribbon for side
Tag die cuts

Step one: Take 5 sheets of 12 x 12 cardstock or patterned paper and cut into 6 x 6 sheets. The will be the background to your project. You should have 20 sheets of paper by the time you are done.

Step two: Looking at the papers you have chosen, put them in the order you want. If I use 2 patterned papers and 3 plain papers, I put them in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Start to put them in order, taking 2 sheets from each pile until all of the papers are gone. The first two in the stack will become your front and back cover.

Step three: Place each paper back to back – gluing them together using either a hot glue gun or glue stick.

Step four: On the left side of each of the pages, punch 3-6 holes in each of the 10 pages you have. This will allow you to put ribbon through at the end of the project and decorate the pages with the ribbon in mind!

Step five: Looking at the stickers and or die cuts you have chosen to use, choose one that will be perfect for your front page and decorate it accordingly.

Step six: Take coordinating cardstock to create the inside of the album to put journaling and pictures on. On one of the 2 pages I would put hidden journaling to allow for either pictures or journaling on it. To do this, decide on the size of the shape you need and double it, folding in half to create a “hidden” part.

Step seven: Take the black fine-tip marker, put stitch marks around the edges of the cardstock to create a unique look.

Step eight: Add final touches to the album such as buttons, stickers, die cuts, journaling, or memorabilia to the project.

Step nine: Add ribbon in colors that match the project tied in knots to create your binding.

This type of album can be recreated in just about any theme, colors, or whatever that you would like. If you add eyelets or brads to your project, you will need to do step three differently, that would have to be done before you add the ribbon! I hope you enjoy this project and will share with me what you have done! I am planning a framed page for the school photo…a 12 x 12 page that could be put in an album each year by itself! As for the memorabilia that you want to keep or things that your child makes each year…keep the important pieces, and take pictures of the rest!
Enjoy your child’s school year!
Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


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