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Monday, July 19, 2010


Baby Tantrums

What is the best way to react when your baby takes a tantrum?

First we will take a look at why babies take tantrums, below are the most common reasons.

They are tired – put your baby down for a nap. Try to get your baby into a routine as quickly as possible with naps. There need for sleep changes when they get older so you need to reflex the changing needs for sleep.

They are hungry – Again routine with meals and snacks are needed. Same goes with breastfeeding. If they are not taking their food try a little water that has been boiled and cooled. Sometime they are just thirsty.

Frustrated that they can’t communicate there needs – They want something back they can’t get it! Babies want to communicate to you but they are not capable yet. You need to read the signs for what you babies needs are.

Over stimulation – Your baby sometimes just wants a bit of peace and quiet!

They are uneasy in the environment they are in - Babies can feel anxiety if their main cares leaves, the best way to regulate this after the first 3 months make sure you have periods away from the baby so they are used having time away. Having a baby with you 24/7 will make them clingy to you, so make a habit as soon as to have time away.

So how do you go about trying to control these tantrums?

You need to commit yourself to how you are going to react and then be consistent. Get your partner to agree and also grandparents and other who care for the child. If they child finds that throwing a tantrum gets what they want they will continue with this behavior. Remember that tantrums can also come out of just needing attention. The natty corner trick does work when you persevere with it.

The say love is the most important thing you can give a child and they are right. Make sure you are giving your child the attention and praise that they require. Try to give them your 100% attention for activities every day. On the flip side of this they must learn how to play on their own as well. Find the correct balance with this and stick to it.


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