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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Top 5 Keys To College Preparation

Think twice before assuming that high school provides enough preparation for the transition to college because it doesnt. Many enter college unprepared and leave with regrets because they failed to learn the lessons beforehand that would help them be successful. Do yourself a favor and learn these important 5 lessons now as a way to save yourself headache and heartache later.

The Worth of Education vs. the Worth of a Grade

High school provides a lot of knowledge, but not a lot of education in most cases. Otherwise, high school graduates would be competing for entry level jobs and skipping college altogether. College is designed to prepare you for a successful life, so treat it that way and make grades a secondary priority. Youre here to learn skills and knowledge that will make you valuable in the future, and no college grade is going to earn your future employer money. So forget about gaming the system and focus on learning all you can. The grades will follow.

The Value of Selectivity

Knowing how to prioritize your school demands, your friends, your dating life, your work, and a mountain of other aspects of college life can be impossible without good prioritization skills. By working out your priorities for yourself beforehand and being consistent, you can avoid a lot of conflicts and stress later on.

The Locked-on Focus

You may know how to prioritize, but if you cant focus, your important tasks will remain unfinished. You know what you have to do, so do it. Dont get pulled away. Plan enough time so that you can get in the zone and get your assignments done. Things generally take longer to accomplish in college, so youll need staying power and stamina to succeed in college.

The Art of Organization

Even the best brain isnt built to remember the quantity of assignments and appointments that the average college student is laden with. You may have a good handle on prioritization and focus, but you may have so many things going on that you forget items to add to your list of priorities. College preparation is about having a system to track all that you have to do, when you have to have it done by, and then making time for personal development. So come up with a system now, or moving from high school college will be like pushing off from the dock with a leak in your boat.

The Technique of Humility

College, more so than high school, is filled with people who will be instrumental in helping you achieve your short- and long-term goals and ambitions. You may be attending school alongside future co-workers, employees, or employers. Prepare for college by being prepared to make the best possible impression of yourself and that comes only through something called humble competence. Youre very good at what you do, but never to the extent of self-aggrandizement, because there will always be people better than you, especially in college. Instead, seek to learn as much and contribute as much as you can and help others achieve their own goals as a way to sure happiness and fulfillment in college.

Get prepared for college by preparing your approach to live, learning, and work first. Youll find that success in college comes a lot more naturally if youve made improving your approach part of your college preparation.

By: Russell Blackhurn
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Catch Russell Blackhurn and learn from his experiences in preparing for college and choosing what to bring to college. Find out the preparation lessons he found most useful and some of those he discovered by trial and error.


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