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Monday, July 19, 2010


Safe Internet Play for children ages 2-8

Zoodles, a fun, simple and free way for kids, ages 2-8, to safely access the Web so they can independently play and learn online. Over the last year Zoodles has gained tens of thousands of users through parent-to-parent recommendations. Check out Zoodle’s Facebook Fan page to hear what parents are saying.

A bit more about Zoodles...

Through the free Zoodles Kids' Browser, children can safely and independently explore their own virtual playground filled with hundreds of fun, age-appropriate games, puzzles and videos, chosen by a team of education experts. Kids have fun and learn as they play (and play and play) As children grow, Zoodles continually adapts the educational content and interface to keep kids coming back for more.

Through our Premium Membership, moms or dads can customize the games their kids play (more math, less life skills for example), set play times and get progress reports.


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