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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


College Food Funnies Part TWO...

My college roommate and I ate pickle sandwiches (just a pickle spear on white bread) and Yoo-hoo in a can from the local 7-11 practically every night. It was cheap and easy to keep in our dorm room. I haven't even had a Yoo-hoo since I graduated back in 1997 but every time I see it, I get nostalgic. Not even when I was pregnant last year did I have that craving!!

Mashed potatoes with fine sliced onions, yummy I think.
Ron N.

Celebrity Anand Bhatt and his bass player James Buban used to eat Cold Pizza with a ton of milk every morning in college because it would make them slightly ill and would put off their need to eat until the evening lol.

Ate baby food. Was pretty gross , but cheap roommate who I bought baby food with is now a Doctor
Mike M.

We were out of cash and doing it college-tough... when my boyfriend and his friends decided that they would procure a roast dinner. How wonderful!

... Until we absorbed that they had SHOT ONE OF THE UNIVERSITY DUCKS with a CROSSBOW and me and the girls watched horrified as they spit roast it in someones backyard.

It was the greasiest meal I've ever seen eaten, and half charcoal.

I survived for years on microwaving carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with a square of Kraft cheese over them in the microwave for "cheese sauce".
Van B.

I ate jack mackerel out of the can most times it was cold, heck all the time it was cold. We were not allowed to have hot plates or microwaves in our dorm rooms, but we would sneak a mini George Foreman grill that I shared with 4 other rooms on my floor.
Felecia H.


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