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Thursday, July 29, 2010


CRAM for tests with your iPhone or iPod!

Test tomorrow night, I've been studing for hours, but I need more practice. BUT my computer just ran out of batteries and I cant find the charger!
Or I want to want to have coffee with a friend and we want a NEW way to study!

Since most students live on their iPhone and iPod why not study with it!

With Cram, students can create practice multiple-choice tests and digital flashcards right on their iPhone or iPod to use to study anywhere they choose.

Cram also automatically tracks your progress so you know over time what material you are learning and what you may need more review over. Also, with Cram you can download tests that are already made for you and share your own tests with friends. It's the fun way to study in college.

Cram is only $4.99 on the iPhone and iPod Touch and is available for download in the Apple iTunes AppStore. It's so much more fun, cheaper, and greener than paper notecards.

Cram is an awesome must-have for college students, because most college students live and die by their iPhone and iPod Touch and what better way to study that on the device that is with you all the time.


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