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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


What to Pack for College?

Here are some quick basic items you need to make sure you bring to college!

1. Bedding Set - Dorms do not provide sheets and bedspreads. I suggest flannel sheets, warm and comfy! Don't forget towels and wash cloths too!

2. Computer - Laptops are easiest but deak tops are cheaper.

3. Laundry - Mom won't be there to do it for you! So don't forget the detergent and laundry basket!

4. Clothing - Ok so this one is a given but just remember this is not a weekend trip. Bring everything you will need and pack extras becuase laundry day might only come once a week or even less often!

5. Storage - Dorm rooms are small. Even if you are renting a house with others. Think about protable fridges, smart sotrage solutions that will organize your items (so you can find them) but also utilize the small space you may have!

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