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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Practical Tips for Furnishing Student Accommodation

Sending a student off to college can pull the heart strings, but furnishing their living space doesn’t have to pull the purse strings. Finding furniture for a university dorm or apartment often means using pieces that are both versatile and affordable. Here are some practical furniture ideas for college students.

Space Savers

Lofts – Usually constructed of wood, lofts are used to raise beds off the floor which creates more living space. They can be built either free standing or attached to the walls, though which option is used will depend on the rules of the dorm or apartment.

Stackers – Three-drawer plastic stacking sets are inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere. They provide extra space for smaller items or clothes, or can also be fashioned into a nightstand near the bed.

Bar stools – With their tall design and foot rest, bar stools are becoming more popular in living quarters where space is at a premium. Made of metal, wood or a combination of both, their height and slim build make them perfect for seating at a kitchen counter. Students can use these to sit at the counter and eat rather than taking up space with a dining table. kitchen bar stools come with or without arm rests and various styles of backing. They can also be more easily arranged for a social setting.


Some pieces of furniture are affordable and also serve more than one purpose.

Futons – These inexpensive couches come in a variety of styles and prices, but best of all they take up little space while still folding out into a bed when friends stay over. They are more light weight than traditional sofa beds, making them easier to transport before and after each school year and better to store.

Trunks – Used mostly for storage, a trunk or footlocker can also be used as a makeshift coffee table by simply throwing a tablecloth over it.


Not everything has to serve more than one purpose. Some pieces of furniture can simply be fun to have in the apartment.

Bean bag chair – Not simply just the lump of material sitting off to the side anymore, today’s bean bag chairs come in all sorts of shapes, colors and textures. Very inexpensive, they can be purchased at many of the large retail stores or at specialty shops.

Computer desk – There are a variety of styles and designs, but many of them offer a compact build that allows basic computer equipment to be stored without taking up much room. These are usually made of metal or wood or a combination of materials.

Mini-fridge – They can tuck away into corners while providing a place to keep snacks or drinks readily available. Especially useful in dorms where larger refrigerators are not installed or in apartments where more than one student is staying.

Seeing a student off to college is a big moment for both parents and students. Making sure they are comfortable in their home away from home will help with their studies and give parents peace of mind.


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