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Friday, July 16, 2010


Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows

Are your utility bills too high? Do you often feel drafts around your window frames; do you battle constantly with dust and feel you’re on the losing end? Perhaps your worry about your furniture will fade. It is time to upgrade to energy-efficient windows. Although energy-efficient windows cost more than traditional windows they often return their additional cost investment through substantial savings on energy costs.

Energy-efficient windows can help increase the curbside appeal of your home and help protect it from the elements which can translate into substantial savings in your heating and cooling costs. Modern windows have gone through a technological revolution which allows them to achieve a level of energy efficiency as high as five times that of traditional windows.

It is estimated that homes with traditional single pane windows experience energy loss of as much as 30%. Energy-efficient windows work by using two panes of glass with an air pocket in between significantly reducing solar heat gain in warmer months and preventing heat loss during winter. The panes of the energy-efficient windows are typically coated with new glazes which actually reduce the amount of UV rays that come into your home, in some cases by 75%.

This can substantially reduce the fading of your carpets, draperies, artwork and furniture. Insulated frames virtually eliminate air leakage which not only prevents dust and allergens from entering your home but also significantly reduce unwanted noise from the outside. Furthermore, if you invest in energy-efficient windows before the end of 2010, you can receive a tax credit of up to $1500.00!

In a time when we need to reduce our energy consumption, energy-efficient windows are a great option for those who want to "go green" to help the environment. You would never buy a home without insulation so why have a house with poorly insulated windows? Now is the ideal time to replace those windows to lower energy bills, to create a comfortable home and to add beauty and value to your home as well!

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Kathy and her husband own a company that sells and installs replacement windows in Houston. She enjoys writing about energy efficient products that can help home owners save more and spend less. For more energy saving tips visit


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