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Monday, July 26, 2010


College Food Funnies Part One...

I asked a group of random people what was the weirdest, grossest thing you ate to survive in college.

And the answers are a hoot!

There was a time period when I ate hot dogs and grits (cheese grits were especially good) to keep from starving.
Bob J., NYC

I remember being so broke I lived off popcorn and cabbage - the two cheapest things I could think of that would go a long way. I also had to borrow money for tampons! Now that's poor!
Cory F.

Back in film school, in 1995 or so, I can remember that liver was always the cheapest thing I could find --- so I ate it almost every other meal until someone pointed out it might not be the safest thing to do. This was during the time I was so broke I once swiped a roll of toilet paper from one of the college bathrooms. During the same experimental period, I also figured out that a teaspoon of sour cream and the addition of some cheap peas n carrots made Ramen feel more substantial --- and hey, vegetables!
Troy D., Los Angeles, CA

I went to Orlando for spring break with 7 other girls. 6 of whom I never met until the day before we left and the other girl I hardly knew. I was on a very tight budget (barely enough money for hotel and beer). Several of us went to a local Pizza Hut. I was almost out of funds so I didn't want to "waste" my money on food. When a another group of 3 left half their pizza on the table, I couldn't resist and ate what they left. In my defense, they were older than I was and I'm sure they didn't do anything to the pizza. Nothing better than free food to a starving college student!
Merri C.

I lived in the dorm and was on the meal plan that didn't feed me on weekends. So, until I got a part-time job, I survived on the weekend by eating the crusts from Domino's pizza boxes that my dorm-mates had thrown into the hallway.
Duncan M.

I used to eat pizza out of the garbage in college. Not out of actual garbage cans, but kids would toss pizza boxes in the garbage room that sometimes had one or two slices still in them. The garbage room was right next to mine, so I could hear when it opened and closed, and then I would go peek to see if someone had chucked an unfinished pizza. I figured, it had only been in there for a minute, and it was still in the box, so what the hell?
Chris C.


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July 26, 2010 at 7:29 PM delete

Ewwww...I'm glad I lived at home while I went to college; I always knew where my next meal was coming from, and that it wasn't the garbage can!