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Friday, July 2, 2010


Buy Store Brands And Save!

If you can't stand the thought of clipping coupons, but you want to cut your grocery bill read on!

Starting today, buy only store brands because this alone will cut your grocery bill at least 25%.

Sure, there will be some items that your family insists must be name brands, but at least give the store brand a chance. I suggest doing blind taste tests which will certainly add an element of fun to any family meal.

Here's how:

1. So, let's say you're serving macaroni and cheese tonight. (and you don't have time to make homemade)
2. Buy 1 box of Kraft and 1 box of the store brand at your local grocery store.

3. Prepare both.
4. Serve both.
5. Let the family vote.

Remember, try it, you just might like it!

The Budget Diet is a diet for your wallet...not your waistline!

Suggestion from Tanya Peila: We also just combine the two boxes while cooking. Then your kids REALLY cannot tell the difference. Then next time I just use the store brand and they never know! The Budget Diet is a great way to start cutting your monthly grocery bill with no extra work just common “cents”!


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