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Friday, July 30, 2010


College Food Funnies Part THREE... The final chapter

When my brother was at university, he went through a stage of ‘culinary experimentation’. One day, he decided to make a trifle for himself and his roommates. However, when he went to make the whipped cream topping, he realised that (surprise, surprise) none of the 6 teenage boys owned a whisk. So he decided to make his own electric whisk by squeezing a fork into the end of a drill (it is apparently quite normal to own an electric drill and not a whisk). Of course, the fork bent as soon as it was put into the mixing bowl, so rather than mixing, just scooped the cream out of the bowl at high speed and completely covered the whole of the open-plan kitchen diner. When we went to help him move house, 6 months later, the ceiling was still covered in cream and the place smelt even more awful than you’d expect an all-male student house to. I’d love to say that he has become more house trained since his uni years: alas, no.
Victoria C.

One of the more random things that I remember was that my roommate and I were obsessed with chips and salsa and tortillas and salsa from this one Mexican restaurant in our San Antonio, TX, college city. Buying chips and salsa from the store just didn't compare to the fix we got from this one place, but we couldn't afford to actually pay for whole meals there, at least not all the time, so wed call ahead and order it to go (we were too embarrassed to show up and just ask for tortillas and salsa!), then go pick it up and pay the $4 or so before gorging on our salty snacks back in the privacy of our dorm.

I also loved Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, but I would eat it too fast. Since I had to spend my own money on it (they didn't have that kind in the cafeteria), I would crumble up the cereal in my fist so that it was really tightly packed and for some reason it takes longer to eat that way, and I wouldn't have to pour as much into each bowl!

Other standby favorites for studying or eating on the go were the candy Dots and bagels, which I ate nonstop, and those $5 pizzas from Little Caesars. Gross!
Laura M

Dr. Donna Thomas-Rodgers came up with some creative very cheap ideas for college students to avoid to above "cuisines":

* Spaghetti Noodles: (1) Boil them added American cheese and seasoning salt, (2) Boil them and add red sauce (3) Boil them let them cool added tomato, cucumber and Italian dressing. One large box can last at least a week.

* Rice: (1) Boil it and add butter and cheese, (2)Boil it and add milk it then becomes cereal, (3) boil it and mix with scrambled eggs. One large bag of rice can last up to 2 weeks.

* Cold Cereal can serve as breakfast lunch and dinner. Storing the cold items I used the window ledge I went to school up north and it was cold almost the entire year.


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